I Nicholson

Mr Ian Nicholson

Deputy Principal (Years 11 - 13)

Kat Lemon for Web 2

Mrs Katrina Lemon

Deputy Principal (Years 9 - 10)

S Finnimore

Mr Simon Finnimore

Deputy Principal (Year 7 -8)

R Astwood

Mrs Rebecca Astwood

HOF Mathematics and Statistics

S Bell

Ms Shannen Bell

Curriculum Art

P Besley

Mr Peter Besley

Social Science


Ms Gaylia Bundle

Gateway / STAR / Careers Advisor


Mr Jack Burns

Languages and Literacy

A by de Ley

Mrs Anneke by de Ley

Year 12 Dean / Languages and Literacy (Acting Assistant HOF)

H Carr

Mr Hamish Carr

HOF Technology

M Christophers

Miss Melissa Christophers

Year 8 Dean, Year 7 & 8

A Chuang

Mr Andy Chuang

Mathematics and Statistics


Ms Cheryl Chye

Mathematics and Statistics


Mr Stephen Flude

Year 7 Dean, Year 7 & 8

S Grant

Miss Sue Grant

Social Sciences


Ms Amy Hamilton

Social Science


Mrs Laureline Harris

Year 7 & 8 (on leave 2023)

S Cox

Mrs Stacey Howarth

HOF Languages and Literacy (on leave until Term 4 2023)

D Jenkin

Mr Dave Jenkin

Mathematics and Statistics


Mr Daniel Johnson

Social Sciences

H Johnson

Mrs Hilary Johnson

Innovative Horticulture

S Kindley

Mrs Sandy Kindley

Year 10 Dean, Physical Education and Health


Mrs Aroha Koria

Languages and Literacy

J Manukau

Matua Joe Manukau

Technology / Pou Matua


Mr Ben Parker

Physical Education


Mr Patrick McMahon

Languages and Literacy

M Mead

Mr Michael Meade

HOF Social Sciences

V Pekipaki

Mrs Vetekina Pekipaki

Languages and Literacy (Acting HOF)

Miss Charlotte Plant

Language / Literacies


Miss Sarah Quilty

Year 11 Dean / Physical Education & Health


Ms Tara Remington

Physical Education & Health

D Rewi

Miss Dee Rewi

Languages and Literacy, (on leave 2022 - 2024)

G Vallely

Mr Graeme Vallely

Year 13 Dean / Technology

A Walter

Mr Adam Walter

HOF Physical Education

Katikati College Staff placeholder 210px A

Ms Shelley Wright

Mathematics and Statistics

Katikati College Staff placeholder 210px A

Mrs Nicola Wynne

Year 9 Dean, Sciences

H Willacy

Mrs Helen Willacy

Languages and Literacy

D Armstrong

Mrs Donna Armstrong

Office Administrator

J Bankers

Ms Josie Bankers

Office Administrator


Ms Sue Bryson

Attendance Officer

Katikati College Staff placeholder 210px A

Mr Karri Butler

IT Administrator


Ms Kirsten Carson

International Administrator


Mrs Megan Foote

Gateway, Star, Careers assistant

Mrs Joanna Gibbons

Learning Support

J Jackson

Ms Jill Jackson

Learning Support

N Millichip

Mr Nic Millichip

Learning Support


Mrs Karen Verbeek

Learning Support

Mr Steve Gilroy

Property Manager

Mr Ross Christian

Property Maintenance

Garth Ludick

Grounds Person