Our Strategic Goals

Annual Goal

Learning is evident everywhere



Our Students

  • Students who are resilient
  • Students who are connected to their communities
  • Students who have opportunities to enhance and reflect on their wellbeing
  • Students who are offered quality teaching and learning and pathways
  • Students who experience positive educational outcomes


Our Staff

  • Staff who are resilient and connected to their communities
  • Staff value and contribute to enhancing the wellbeing of self, others and the school community
  • Staff value and contribute to change which leads to quality teaching and learning opportunities
  • Staff support the growth of quality leadership at every level


Our School

  • A school that is positive, predictable, consistent and safe
  • A school that provides a range of opportunities for everyone to feel a sense of belongong
  • A school where property contributes to student and staff achievement
  • A school were finances are effectively managed to support everyone


Our Community

  • A community that is connected and has pride in their school
  • A community of productive partnerships to foster positive pathways




For more information refer to the Katikati College Strategic Annual Plan 2024 - 2026


Also see our Annual Implementation Plan 2024