Technology is a learning area with a creative suite of contexts that allows students to explore existing outcomes and create their own outcomes using a variety of materials and mediums. In an age when digital technology is advancing so rapidly and workers are being replaced by bots, being creative and a thinker is of utmost importance and a defining point of difference when competing for employment. 

In the junior school we have 4 main contexts, food, fabric, resistant materials and digital. Through these contexts students learn by hands-on experience how to craft and develop their own outcomes using modern and traditional tools and techniques. Our emphasis is on learning by doing. Teachers keep changing the projects to reflect current trends, available resources and the needs of our learners. 

All of the contexts from the junior school flow seamlessly into the senior programmes of learning. The Faculty of Technology offers Digital Technology, Fabric, Hospitality, Engineering and Carpentry, many to Level 3. Fabric, Engineering and Digital Technology are all recognised University Entrance subjects. We are proud to offer a number of uptake and drop off points which allows students to come and go from our faculty. 

Any other key points or points of interest: 

There is a growing awareness and appreciation of the vast and varied career paths available to people that are keen to create and build. Students who study technology appreciate the interconnected nature of learning and realise that the world is not structured in silos but involves Science, Arts, Language, Culture, Mathematics and Finance to bring ideas to fruition. 

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