Languages and Literacy

Ko te reo te tuakiri.
Ko te reo tōku ahurei.
Ko te reo te ora.
Language is my identity.
Language is my uniqueness.
Language is life.

The Languages and Literacy Faculty at Katikati College is a collaboration of several key learning areas: English, Te Reo Maori, Lea Fakatonga, Pasifika and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). 

The study of English in the 21st century is the study of the critical consumption of text. We are bombarded every day with text in many forms that has been deliberately crafted to motivate and manipulate, inspire and instigate, communicate and collaborate, and inform - for better or for worse. When we develop the ability to recognise patterns of language use and to identify the intent of the text's creator, we become critical consumers of text . Students at all levels are encouraged to unpack and consider the construction, validity, authority and purpose of texts and the resulting influence that these have on the reader. Additionally, students continue to build on their ability to construct texts of their own by considering their purpose and audience and by making discerning choices in both the language that they use and the structure in which they present.

Junior English programmes are broad and varied. In Years 9 and 10 the focus is on exposure to a range of text types with authentic contexts relevant to students. Additionally, students produce a varied range of texts both individually and in collaboration with others. 

Seniors are afforded a large degree of choice and variety in their learning programmes to ensure a relevant and meaningful programme of learning for each student. 

Te Reo, Lea Fakatonga, and Pasifika programmes focus on the acquisition of language and cultural knowledge and also a sense of pride  and confidence in identity. Both programmes are led by experienced, enthusiastic and passionate teachers who serve as valuable role models to students. 

The ESOL programme is invaluable to a range of students at Katikati College. Whether they are international students, newcomers to New Zealand or visitors, ESOL fosters growth and confidence in English language and communication skills which benefits students in all areas of the curriculum. 

Nāu te rourou, nāku te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi

With your food basket and my food basket the people will thrive.

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