Uniform Specifications

Year 7-10 Boys and Girls

  •  Regulation green/black polo shirt
  •  Long sleeve thermal (black)
  •  Regulation College black pants, shorts, skirts or lavalava
  •  Regulation black jacket
  •  Black shoes or sandals with straps (no brand signs or symbols)
  •  Black socks (girls may wear black pantyhose in winter)
  •  Regulation PE top with own black sports shorts




Year 11 and 12 students  (Year 13 students are still in mufti for 2022)

• Regulation striped blouse/shirt
• Either regulation black pants, shorts, skirts or lavalava
• Regulation black jacket
• Black shoes or sandals with straps (no brand signs or symbols)
• Black socks (girls may wear black pantyhose in winter)
• Regulation tie and blazers for representative and formal occasions


Common Items

  • Regulation sunhat, cap and beanie - no other hats are to be worn (hats to be removed in the classroom).
  • Scarves may be worn in Terms 2 and 3 only.  They are required to black, College green or the official College scarf.
  • The College has recently introduced a black unisex sweat shirt that can be worn at all levels. College Cultural groups and sports teams hoodies may also be worn.



• College jackets may be worn both in and outdoors throughout the year. Non College jackets are not permitted.
• First Team jackets may not be worn by students unless on the day of a sporting fixture.
• Regulation school uniforms or sports uniforms must be worn when travelling.


All items of clothing are the responsibility of the student and should be named.


Facial Piercings

Any facial piercing needs to be a small stud.

No Facial Hair

Students are expected to be clean shaven at all times.



We want students to have pride in themselves. This includes having a high level of personal presentation, (clean and tidy appearance), and we prefer students’ natural appearance. So no make-up, and only clear nail polish may be worn on fingers and toes.

The only jewellery to be worn is a watch, one necklace, one ring and a pair of earrings. These must be simple studs or standard 10 mm gold or silver sleepers. No more than one earring per ear is allowed. Any additional jewellery maybe removed and given to the Dean for safe keeping. All jewellery brought/worn to school is the responsibility of the student.


Students wearing incorrect uniform will be provided with a uniform pass - to be issued by the Dean or SLT. The Dean will contact home to discuss the need for correct uniform.



Year 13 students do not have to wear school uniform but they do have to follow the dress code expectations.

  • As a guideline, students should wear clothing that would be acceptable in a general work place.  e.g. if you can see up it, down it, or through it, it is not acceptable.  Singlets are not allowed for male or female students.  All shirts must have sleeves.  Nothing low cut or see through, no midriffs visible.
  • The discreet use of make-up, nail varnish and jewellery is permitted.
  • The following items are NOT acceptable:
    • Clothing with offensive images, messages or advertising
    • Patched, ripped, shabby or worn-out jeans.
    • Brief shorts.
    • Any facial piercings need to be a small stud.
    • For Girls: See-through, low-cut, singlet, or thin-strapped tops on dresses or as separates, or revealing a bare midriff.
    • For Boys: Sleeveless singlets/shirts (all shirts must have sleeves).
    • Clean shaven.

The College reserves the right to determine what is offensive or unacceptable.



Uniform Price list and Shop Hours