Leading by Example

Our Senior Leadership students take pride in their responsibility of nurturing the juniors and setting the tone for the school.

We believe that every student who joins our school has the potential to be a Senior Leader one day.  We nurture and encourage every single student to find their true potential.

2023 Head Students

Head Student

Peter Buckley

Head Student

Isla Willacy

Deputy Head Student

Gemma Groenewald

Deputy Head Student

Meg Harray

Student Representative on Board of Trustees

Reid O'Connell

Academic Captains

Michael Kean / Mikai Somerville 

Arts Captains

Jorja McKeown / Anouk Sayer

Sports Captains

Baxter Anderson

Makaylah Hull

Indee Mackay


Cultural Captains

Anateiha Dalton  /  Melina Pelesikoti

House Captains

Mulgan         Anateiha Dalton, Cam Pooley

Gledstanes   Sam Taylor, Jorja McKeown

Stewart        Nina Briggs, Meghann Fraser

Macmillan     Shay Hyde-Coltman, 

                    Jack Preseton


Head of Student Council

 Reid O'Connell