Transitioning into our School

We ensure that the decision to choose Katikati College is the right one for all of our students. Each student is welcomed and accepted as an individual, whilst being given a space where they belong as part of the group. We do our utmost to ensure a safe, positive environment for all new students.

To ensure that the transition is a comfortable one, we not only visit schools prior to enrolment, but also host a Transition Day during which our new students can meet their teachers and future friends. They will also get to meet the support staff who will be there to support their needs every step of the way.

There is no denying that our Year 7/8 facility is one of vigour, vitality, passion and innovation. Together we inspire one another and our students to achieve the best possible outcomes. The rapport and connection that we make with our students in Year 7, remains with them as they undertake their new educational endeavours throughout their time at our College.